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Steve Gearhart

This is Steve Gearharts Site

Hello my name is Steve Gearhart and I am 16 years old as of 1/20/05. I have been skating proudly for 6 or so years and havent hated a bit of it. I have never broken a bone wich is good:P. The most stairs I have done, is 7, wich isn't alot, I know, but im working on it:P. I have dropped in on a 13 foot Vert ramp before, scary. I am currently in 10th grade and my favorite class is Advanced Computer Applications. I live in New Castle, Indiana so that is why our video is yet to be completed. I love music, such as As I Lay Dying, Thrice, The Used, My Chemical Romance, From Autumn to Ashes (My favoite!), Mortal Treason, The Ramones, Taking Back Sunday, The Casualties, etc... I like to play guitar and drums when i have the chance. This is me:P.


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